About Us

Raw-Refined was born out of the desire to recreate timeless western bags with a modern twist.  Each bag is hand crafted by the artist, Suzi Brown, on her ranch in western Colorado and is constructed with the finest leathers and textiles.  Inspired by the carpet bags of the old west as well as her daughter's travels throughout the world she created Raw-Refined in 2013.

Suzi shapes her bags with the intention to be part of a story for the individual and wonderfully combines beauty with functionality while doing so.  Any style can be made custom to the individual.  Her bags are named after famous, or rather, infamous, strong women of the Wild West; Miss Kitty, Annie Oakley, Pearle Hart and Belle Star.

"I guess at heart I have a little outlaw in me as well."  Suzi says. 

Like all of the women of the Wild West who had to be strong to battle the elements, each of the Raw-Refined bags are durable and hand crafted to stand the journeys of time.